Format NSB

Group One:- Years Three and Four
Group Two:-Years Five and Six
Group Three:- Years Seven and Eight
Group Four:- Years Nine and Ten
Each School should have eight participants, two from each group.
For Primary Schools, Schools that only have primary, the number of contestants is four (Two from each Group)

Word Lists:-
1-Years three and four= 200 Words + 250 challenging words
2-Years five and six= 250 words + 300 challenging words
3-years seven and eight= 300 words +350 challenging words
4-Years nine and ten= 350 words (challenging words will be from the dictionary)

The Judges committee consists of the following :
a- Two Spell Masters ( British & American)
b- One Time keeper and Round Keeper
c- Arbitrator and Spell Checker
Judges will be provided by the British Council how sponsor the competition